Moss growth will eventually undermine your roof


Moss growth on older roofs will eventually become ingrained in the fabric of your roof and cause damage as well as looking unsightly. If left unattended, moss can often grow beneath tiles too, pushing them up and creating a gap for water ingress. With a pH of 5, moss is also acidic. Over time, it reacts with the tiles, wearing them down which eventually leads to leaks. With the use of specialised tools, our roofers scrape roofing materials clean of moss before applying a fungicidal application that kills off any remaining spores and inhibits regrowth for around six years.

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We provide a full range of other roofing services

Roys Roofing Limited provide a full range of other roofing services including:

chimney repairs and replacement


installation of low maintenance PVCu gutters and fascias

installation of dry ridge/dry verge roofing systems which fix ridge tiles securely to the roof, protecting them from wind up-lift and water ingress. As well as being weathertight and maintenance-free, Dry Ridge (or Dry Verge) systems provide a neat finish for roof edges without the more time-consuming need for mortar. 

Chimneys take a battering from the weather, especially in the stormy months of winter, so it makes sense to have older chimneys inspected every five years or so to ensure they remain safe. Our roofers can repoint, rebuild or remove chimneys altogether, as well as repairing the accompanying lead flashings. 

We also install low-maintenance plastic gutters and fascias which makes sense if you have old wooden fascias that are prone to rotting, or metal gutters that are prone to rusting. Once installed, you never need to paint them again! Our PVCu roofline products come in an array of colours and designs to suit any style of home, from traditional to contemporary.

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